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With our Querfeld Bonus Club, we want to thank you for your loyalty and reward you. As a member of the Querfeld Bonus Club, you have the opportunity to collect points and redeem them for attractive benefits in the Querfeld family businesses. From a free melange, to a piece of apple strudel, to the best fish & chips in town - the possibilities are many.


What is the Querfeld Bonus Club?

The Querfeld Bonus Club is an innovative app that allows you to collect points and redeem them for benefits at the Querfeld family businesses. The app is easy to use and offers a variety of ways to collect points. You can collect points by scanning your bills, taking part in surveys and challenges or inviting friends.


How does the Querfeld Bonus Club work?

Using the Querfeld Bonus Club is as easy as can be. Simply download the app, sign up and start collecting points. Every visit to one of the Querfeld family businesses, every completed survey and every successfully completed challenge earns you points. You can then redeem these points for attractive benefits.


Why should you join the Querfeld Bonus Club?

The Querfeld Bonus Club not only offers you the opportunity to collect points and redeem them for benefits, but also the chance to become part of a community of like-minded people. As a member of the Querfeld Bonus Club, you are always up to date on the latest offers and events and can benefit from exclusive advantages.

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Frequently asked questions

In which locations can I collect points and redeem them for benefits?

You can collect points in ALL Querfeld family businesses and redeem them for a variety of benefits. The collected points can be used across all businesses. That means no matter where you have collected the points, you can redeem them at all locations.

Can I also redeem my points in the online store?

At this stage, you can only redeem your points in our on-site stores. However, we are planning a full integration of the online store, which will not only allow you to redeem points online, but even collect them with every order. This integration is planned for the end of the year. Until then, you can redeem your points in the app for limited coupon codes for the online store, which you can enter for a discount when you place your order online.

Why are my details not pre-filled when I make my reservation?

The reservations are not functions of the app itself, but merely links to our existing reservation tools. Therefore, the form fields are not pre-filled, but must be completed.

I have invited friends to the app. Why don't I see the promised points?

You will receive 20 bonus points for each successful invitation as a small thank you. The points are available as soon as the invited person registers in the app through your sent link. The points should then be available immediately. You may need to reload the app so you can see the points.

Why weren't my visits counted for all the challenges?

The current technical solution requires you to participate in a Challenge in order for your progress to be counted. Automatic participation in challenges is not currently possible.


In the picture you can see two Challenges: In one Challenge you should make a total of three visits, in the second you should make at least one visit in all sites. For example, if you only take part in the first Challenge, visit Café Mozart three times and then take part in the second Challenge. Then you have successfully completed the first Challenge, but you have not made any progress in the second Challenge, even though you have already visited one establishment. However, if you participate in both Challenges from the beginning, you will already have progress (1 / 3 ) in the second Challenge after the three visits to Café Mozart.