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Our life philosophy

Because coffee is not just coffee.

The creative names of our coffee specialties reveal the important role this luxurious drink plays in our culture. It starts with the pronunciation. According to the Viennese writer Hans Weigel, the difference between Káffee and Kaffée is very important. Those who emphasize the first syllable, order only one drink. But when the emphasis falls on the second syllable, that immediately implies an entire way of life. In addition to these imaginative names, the traditional Viennese coffee house also distinguish between "white" and "black" coffees.


Short espresso.

Single mocha

Pure espresso, which can also be ordered as ”kleiner Schwarzer“ (small black) or ”großer Schwarzer“ (large black). The large black is also called double mocha.

Single Brauner

Aromatic black espresso served with coffee cream. If you wish you may also order the cream apart in a separate jug. This way of serving is referred to as “séparée”. Until the mid-20th century the “brown coffee” was also referred to as “a cup of gold”.

Wiener Melange

The cup is first filled half way up with coffee and afterwards topped with hot frothy milk. The coffee comes with a topping of foamed milk.

“Extended” espresso


Basically a Melange which, however, is topped with whipped cream instead of foamed milk.


Short espresso with hot frothy milk.

"Überstürzter Neumann"

Whipped cream is filled into a coffee cup. A double mocha, which is served separately, is poured over the cream right at the guest’s table.


Dark choc & cappuccino with caramel-topping and cream

"Türkischer" Kaffee

Finely ground Türk Kahvesi is brewed in a copper pot steadily stirring it. It is traditionally served with the Turkish sweet lokum.

Aunt Anni's coffee mug

Classic coffee made with lots of foamed milk.

Caffè latte

Espresso and frothed milk served in a glass.

"Salon Einspänner"

Double espresso, topped with whipped cream

Mozart coffee

A double mocha topped with whipped cream which comes with a small bottle of Mozart liquor.

The Landtmann

Double mocha with a lacing of brandy and coffee liquor, topped with whipped cream and a pinch of cinnamon.

Maria Theresa

A double mocha with a lacing of Cointreau topped with whipped cream and candied orange peel.

Fiaker (Coachman)

A delicious double mocha with a lacing of rum. It is traditionally served in a handled glass topped with whipped cream and a Maraschino cherry.

Irish Coffee

Double espresso with Irish whiskey and cream.