Our coffeehouses

Cafe Mozart

The Querfeld family, fully committed to the cultivation of the great Viennese coffee-house tradition, runs various lovely cafés in Vienna. In the cafés Landtmann, Mozart, Residenz, Museum, Hofburg, Landtmann's Cake-Shop, Landtmann’s Parkcafé and Landtmann's Jausen Station you can enjoy the traditional Viennese coffee-house atmosphere that was described in books by Peter Altenberg or Friedrich Torberg...

And as Vienna is not only known for its café culture but also has a great reputation for its desserts and cakes, the finest tarts, the most delicious fruit tartlets and other sweet delicacies are carefully prepared by hand in the family-run patisserie, Landtmann’s Fine Patisserie.

The Querfeld family wishes you a pleasant stay in our cafés!